6 important reasons why moms need to (unapologetically) prioritize their sleep

This article by Heather Marcoux shares 6 reasons why moms need to prioritize their sleep. #6 is especially applicable as most of our sleep coaching clients come to us for help because they are afraid of falling asleep at the wheel with their kids in the car. 

Drowsy Driving: Asleep at the Wheel

The CDC tells us that drowsy driving is a big problem in America. Adults who get less that 6 hours of sleep a day are at risk for falling asleep at the wheel. some warning signs are: yawning or blinking frequently, missing your exit, not remembering the last few miles, drifting from your lane, and hitting a rumble strip. Get enough sleep and drive safely.

Maternal Fatigue, and Development of Depressive Symptomatology

The Center on Behavioral Medicine has found that mothers who show symptoms of major depression are significantly more likely to have a baby who struggles with sleep. The study concludes that maternal fatigue is strongly associated with postpartum depressive symptoms, and that getting more sleep as a new mother would often help to prevent postpartum depression. 

Sleep deprivation or postnatal depression in later infancy: Separating the chicken from the egg

This study finds that a mother's mood is strongly linked to her child's sleeping behaviors. It concludes that many mothers who are diagnosed with postnatal depression are instead simply extremely sleep deprived. They call for the appropriate management of unhealthy child sleep behaviors as a part of the treatment for the mother's depressive symptoms. 

Pssst: Parenting Twins Can Be Depressing

This article emphasizes the importance of support for parents of twins in meeting the physical and emotional demands of caring for two infants at once. In situations where twins do not sleep well, mothers and fathers are both significantly sleep deprived. Also, twins are often born prematurely, which may bring additional health concerns and stress.