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Daylight Savings Time Sleep Tips

It's time again to change our clocks. How can you best help baby through this transition?

Jumping the clocks forward is never fun, but it's especially frustrating when your baby is on such a nice schedule. Here are some simple steps to help you and your little one through the transition with your schedule intact.

Step #1: Wait for Morning

Leave your clocks on the old time until your family gets up and eats breakfast like normal. This way you can all adjust to the new time throughout the entire day instead of being smacked in the face with it at 6:00 (feels that 5:00) in the morning.

Step #2: Half n' Half

Don't expect baby to make the full hour switch all at once. Move sleep times 30 minute later for 3 days then bring them back to their original times. (Remember that 30 minutes later on the adjusted clock still feels 30 minutes earlier to baby.) For example, if baby is typically going to bed at 7:00, then you will change to a bedtime of 7:30 (adjusted time) for 3 days and after that you can transition back to the typical 7:00 schedule.

Step #3: Move It All

Remember to move all nap times and meals as well. So the entire schedule for the day should bump 30 minutes starting with the first nap of the day Sunday. Moving the meals and other activities will help baby to adjust much more quickly, even if it feels odd at first.

Step #4: Let Baby Sleep

It is tempting to wake baby up early to get him started on the new schedule. Don't do it. A grumpy baby is the last need you need during this transition. If anything, he might need even more sleep to deal with the changes. Be patient and your little one will eventually start waking up earlier to match your new schedule. If you really must wake baby so that you can meet your other responsibilities then consider beginning babies sleep adjustment on Friday or Saturday so that Monday you will be ready to make the final 30-min switch and land on the new schedule in time for work, school, and other activities.

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