for newborns

Prevention & Flexibility

"As a first time mom I was so worried about so many things."

My husband and I were overwhelmed. So our first meeting with Kori made us feel so much better! She gave us a great guidelines, lots of ideas and thoughts, and her recommendations.

What we loved about her is that she didn’t tell us what we had to do. She recommended things but also gave us a few ideas so we could do what we felt comfortable with.

There wasn’t one set rule we had to follow. But we did try to follow what she recommended as best we could and it worked!

"Our baby sleeps through the night and goes to sleep on her own!"

I am so thankful to Kori, she taught us so
many little things that made a huge difference.

"I Highly Recommend her if you want a good night's sleep!!"

- Kaylie, Mom of a newborn, Southern Utah

Dad's Perspective

"At first I thought this was a really outrageous purchase," 

especially considering just having an expensive new baby. But my wife was doing most of the work at night so I agreed. After two weeks, I felt like I was dealing with a whole different wife and baby.

"Me and my wife could eat dinner, watch a movie, or just talk again without the conversation being solely about how much our son was or wasn't sleeping."

He's now going to sleep by himself and seems like a happier baby all around. It wasn't a walk in the park, but in the end I feel it was worth the work. 


-Ryan, dad of a 3-month old, Southern Utah

Starting Early & Learning Easily

"Kori Helped sleep coach my baby since he was a week old, 

and by two months he was sleeping through the night!!"

Now he’s going on 6 months and still sleeps 12 hours a night!

If you have a baby or even have one on the way,

I’d 100% recommend sleep coaching them because it works!

And not only will the baby get sleep, but you will too!!
"Thanks Kori!!!"


-Makayla, mom of a newborn, Southern Utah

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