What is a sleep Coach? 

And why is it different from reading a book.......

         Fostering healthy sleep habits is a lot like finding a healthy weight or becoming financially fit. You know how difficult it can be when you want to lose those extra 15 pounds or eliminate your credit card debt. You may hear stories about a secret fix for your weight loss or money problem but deep down inside we all know that a change like that is going to take a commitment to a new lifestyle.


     Sleep changes are no different. We must make several adjustment, some small and other not so small, to see real results. With a little guidance and a lot of support you can help your little one to build a whole new life based on healthy sleep habits.

    Poor sleep habits may develop because of premature birth, colic, reflux, surgery, sickness, or a big move. Other times the personality and temperament of the child is especially susceptible to troubled sleeping patterns. 

   Unlike adults, who often cause their own problem by eating those three extra doughnuts or buying that fabulous $300 blazer, babies fall into poor sleep habits through no fault of their own. 


Just like the person who wants to slim up or save money, you may have a suspicion about the things that may be contributing to the poor sleep environment tin your family.

As always, making that big change is hard, especially if you are not sure exactly what to do.

Just like a personal trainer or financial consultant, I will coach you and your little one through every step of your sleep journey.

This is where I can help.