About me:

Hello, I am Kori Corbridge, a private consultant for infants and children in Southern Utah. I found my way into the sleep-coaching world when I discovered that my premature son, my husband, and I needed more sleep help than our family and friends could offer us. After nearly a year of struggling with sleep issues I finally admitted that I needed some additional information and support.  My son is such a great sleeper now and so much happier and healthier. I could not imagine how much I would appreciate the relief from stress, frustration, and sleep deprivation. Now I love to share what I have learned from my study of sleep and my years of experience in solving sleep problems with a compassionate and intuitive approach.

I focus on helping children get the sleep that they need to develop properly and have the energy to learn and explore happily when they are awake. I also love giving parents strategies that give them a good night’s sleep as well, helping them to better meet their responsibilities and foster healthy relationships with their children. My packages vary based on the sleep needs and age of the child but they all include a personalized step-by-step sleep plan, a private 1-hour consultation, and phone/email support until we reach your sleep goals.

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