About me:

Hello, I am Kori Corbridge, a private consultant for infants and children in Southern Utah. I found my way into the sleep-coaching world when I discovered that my premature son, my husband, and I needed more sleep help than our family and friends could offer us. After nearly a year of struggling with sleep issues I finally admitted that I needed some additional information and support.  My son is such a great sleeper now and so much happier and healthier. I could not imagine how much I would appreciate the relief from stress, frustration, and sleep deprivation. Now I want to share the good news with you!

I focus on helping children get the sleep that they need to develop properly and have the energy to learn and explore happily when they are awake. I also love giving parents strategies that give them a good night’s sleep as well, helping them to better meet their responsibilities and foster healthy relationships with their children. My packages vary based on the sleep needs and age of the child but they all include a personalized step-by-step sleep plan, a private 1-hour consultation, and phone/email support until we reach your sleep goals.

I offer plans that focus on sleep education and preventing common sleep problems that are especially for mothers who are expecting or have newborn babies. I also offer services for babies, toddlers, and children who have fallen into some poor sleep habits and need some help redirecting their sleep behaviors. I look forward to working with you and your family. Call for a free 15-min consultation to discuss your little one’s specific sleep issues.

My Parenting Philosophy:


I am passionate about the continuing education and awareness that should be a natural part of motherhood. I fear that too often we, as mothers, may be led to believe that if we were “good mothers” then we would naturally “just know” what was best for our children.  I have learned through personal experience that being a successful parent has a lot more to do with a willingness to ask questions and be open-minded.


 Make no mistake, I am a firm believer in motherly intuition and I have often relied on my instincts to help me know when something isn’t quite right with my children. However, recognizing the problem is only the first step.  Sometimes we need more education, awareness, and support to reach the final goal. I love that I can make decisions about raising my children with confidence when I use up-to-date scientific information AND follow my intuition.


Unfortunately, when I look around, I can see hundreds of parents who are raising entire families without any real understanding of the biological, psychological, and developmental processes surrounding birth, infancy, and childhood.  Mothers can give birth without understanding the basics of reproductive anatomy and the birthing process. They can breastfeed their children without a foundational knowledge of the composition of breast milk or physiology of breastfeeding. And, of course, they can create schedules for sleep without an awareness of sleep debt, sleep cycles, or age appropriate sleep needs. And most of the time, it looks like they’re pulling it off!!! At least they seem to be normal. Unfortunately, overtiredness, misbehavior, obesity, hyperactivity, depression, dissatisfaction, and family dysfunction also seem to be normal.


So, when you do get that unsettled feeling that life could be better for you and your child, don’t look around at the “norms” in society. You are right! Life can be rich and fulfilling! Expect it to be! When things aren’t going quite right make the commitment to read and study and research until they do.

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