Intuitive Sleep Coaching

Give your child the gift of sleep....

* Act with confidence.

* Guide with compassion.

* Embrace intuition.

* Empower your child. 

I was really nervous to implement a sleep program...

But honestly, our baby was ready for it and we had just been holding him back!

Kori was very good at listening to our specific needs and making a plan accordingly. 

The whole process went a lot smoother that I ever thought!


-Lindy, mom of an 8-month old, Southern Utah

What will my sleep coach offer?


* Openness to various options.

* Experience and perspective.

* Support for parental intuition.

* Peace of mind.

     Kori was able to develop a gentle plan for us.

Within 2 weeks my son was taking long naps and sleeping in his crib at night with only 2 wakings. 

The greatest part for me is having the confidence and the tools to handle any sleep issues that could arise in the future.

-ShaeLee, mom of a 3-month old, Southern Utah

Typical Sleep Package:

* Personalized written sleep plan

* 1- hour video call consultation 

* Daily phone support until goals are met

* Information for moving forward

* Price: $400

*twin and sibling rates available

 Hiring Kori as a sleep coach has been the best purchase I’ve made 

since learning I was pregnant and I feel it was completely worth it! 

I definitely feel like a better mom

because I am running at full capacity for the first time since he got here!

-Kristy, mom of a 6-month old, Southern Utah

About Me:

* Hi, I'm Kori Corbridge.

* I have a wonderful husband and 3 cute kids.

* I live in Southern Utah.

* I coach babies and toddlers across the U.S.

* I love all things intuitive and intentional.