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"As a first-time mom I was worried about so many things. My husband and I were overwhelmed."
Mom of a newborn
"I started to get scared of driving with my kids because I could not stay awake."
Mom of a 9-month-old
"Our daughter had never slept through the night and was waking up at least 3 times a night, sometimes a lot more."
Dad of a 15-month-old

My baby was 9 months old and waking 4-6 times in the night...


...I was stressed, exhausted, and with all my heart just wanted to do the

right thing for my baby...

...After the first consultation with Kori I immediately felt better. I needed someone to

tell me that I was doing it right  and that I was good mom...

...I've been getting full nights of rest and it has been worth every penny!


    Thank-you Kori for helping me be a

better, more confident,

and happy mom!


- Desiree

Mom of a 9-month old

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