Intuitive Sleep Coaching

Give your child the gift of sleep....

* Apply foundational principles.

* Prioritize health and development. 

* Utilize unique strengths.

* Build enriching routines.

* Honor family culture.

* Define respectful boundaries.

* Act with confidence.

* Guide with compassion.

* Personalize your strategy.

* Embrace your intuition.

* Empower your child. 

Thriving on Independence

I was really nervous to implement a sleep program because I knew it would get harder before it got better.

"But honestly, our baby was ready for it and we had just been holding him back!"

Kori was very good at listening to our specific needs and making a plan accordingly. With every follow-up call, she would adjust the plan as needed and as we were comfortable.

The whole process went a lot smoother that I ever thought!  

-Lindy, mom of an 8-month old, Southern Utah

What does a sleep coach do?

* Prioritize comfort and efficiency.

* Assess sleep needs.

* Identify potential problems.

* Isolate issues.

* Recommend schedules.

* Offer a variety of strategies.

* Provide experience and perspective.

* Integrate family culture.

* Respect parental preferences.

* Fine-tune strategies.

* Give reassurance.


* Respect parental intuition.

* Empower you.

Act with Confidence...

My 3 month old slept in the swing and the car ok, any other place else not so great. 

"I wanted to teach myself and my son correct habits to ensure good sleep."

     Kori was able to develop a gentle plan for us. Within 2 weeks my son was taking long naps and sleeping in his crib at night with only 2 wakings. 

"The greatest part for me is having the confidence and the tools to handle any sleep issues that could arise in the future."

Kori is very professional, very knowledgeable and I highly recommend her services.


-ShaeLee, mom of a 3-month old, Southern Utah

* Personalized written sleep plan

* 1- hour video call consultation 

* Daily phone support until goals are met

* Information for moving forward

* Price: $400

*twin and sibling rates available

Typical Sleep Package:

Prioritize Health...

My little one was just shy of 6 months and I had not had a complete night’s sleep since he was born. 

I was beyond exhausted. 

My baby is now sleeping through the night, and so am I! Hiring Kori as a sleep coach has been

"the best purchase I’ve made" 

since learning I was pregnant and I feel it was completely worth it! 

I definitely feel like a better mom because I am running at full capacity for the first time since he got here!

"my body and his have both adjusted beautifully"

and I couldn’t be happier with the results!

-Kristy, mom of a 6-month old, Southern Utah

About Me:

* My name is Kori Corbridge.

* I have a wonderful husband and 3 cute kids.

* I live in Southern Utah.

* I coach families throughout the U.S.

* I love all things intuitive and intentional.

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